Next NX1, urban mobility with the Mercadona seal

Next NX1

The electric scooter is developed with the support of ‘Lanzadera’, the platform for entrepreneurs of Juan Roig.light, agile and without emissions. There are three qualities that the Next NX1 electric scooter treasures in its attempt to conquer the city streets. A paradigm of efficiency and functionality are driven by ‘Lanzadera’, the platform for entrepreneurs created by Juan Roig. The president of Mercadona is committed to sustainable mobility based on quality but affordable products, a list of conditions to which this Spanish project is adjusted, which is already a reality.

Next Electric Motors focuses on private customers, thus moving away from the most common business model among its competitors focused on the business market, in products primarily aimed at shared motorcycle businesses. The NX1 wants to meet the travel needs of exclusively urban users, with essential characteristics designed for that environment: size (1,270 millimeters of wheelbase and 712 mm saddle height) and weight (total of 65 kilos, including battery) very reduced, benefits adjusted to the rhythms of the big city and sufficient autonomy to cover everyday travel.

They are valuable advantages that also translate into certain conditions. Users above 1.70 meters tall will be uncomfortable in such a compact set, that it also lacks the poise in progress of larger and heavier models. The power of its electric motor is 1.7 kW, equivalent to 2.2 hp that position this scooter in the category of mopeds. It is, therefore, a sufficient performance to operate in urban centers with speed limitations but not so much on wider roads or multi-lane avenues.

However, assuming the philosophy of the product, knowing what it has been designed for and in what environment it should be used, the Next NX1 can meet the mobility needs of many urbanites. It is a scooter with good quality finishes and with the necessary equipment, which includes such practical details as digital instrumentation, LED lighting, disc brakes on both wheels, remote control starting, burglar alarm, footrests for the passenger or a USB charging socket.

Next nx1

The instrumentation panel is digital. / NEXT

Its heart is a brushless electric propeller, designed to optimize energy and with great reliability over time, in addition to enjoying the zero maintenance present in this technology. Its torque, with immediate delivery of power, gives it a brilliant acceleration, a valuable quality in urban traffic and is immediately visible at the slightest hint at the accelerator. It has three modes of use and its maximum theoretical speed is 45 km / h for its approval as a moped; however, on favorable terrain and with the most ‘Speed’ performance mode, the test unit reached around 60 km / h.

Removable batteries

Another of the strengths of the NX1 is its diet. The 60 V and 20 Ah lithium battery, with Samsung cells, weighs only nine kilos and, most importantly, is removable. A functionality that not only allows the battery to be taken anywhere for charging , but also encourages the possibility of having a second unit  that can be easily exchanged in case of exhaustion of the first, either having it in a planned place or even transporting it in a rear trunk (Next will soon offer a specific accessory for this purpose). In any case, the charging process is carried out through any conventional outlet, with an estimated cost of 0.20 euros (variable depending on the electricity rate contracted) and in an approximate time of six hours.

Next promises a range of 65 kilometers with a battery (although, as in an electric vehicle, this data can vary substantially depending on the type of use), which doubles up to 130 kilometers for users who choose to have said second battery. A scope, without a doubt, that would meet the needs of more intense urban displacements, in addition to granting the motorist the peace of mind that he always has the extra battery to avoid being immobilized due to lack of energy.

Next sales are made exclusively through its website and the company is responsible for delivering the product at the place indicated by the customer. The NX1 is available in white, black and blue colors, in addition to the versions of one or two removable batteries. In the first case, its price is 2,199 euros, while the double battery Powerpack amounts to 2,699 euros. They are amounts that do not include the costs of registration management (does not pay tax as a 100% electric vehicle) nor shipping, which is made within two to three weeks.

For the low maintenance required by the NX1, practically changing brake pads and tires, Next has reached an agreement with the specialized network of Norauto, where its professionals will take care of these tasks. There are also some physical points, which are gradually expanding, in which the customer can know the product and even conduct a test drive. The scooter has the usual two-year warranty, including batteries, that support up to 800 loads without loss of capacity.

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