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Health Insurance Policy In USA :

We know Health Insurance Policy in USA companies do not always fully understand the evolving needs of people living with rare medical conditions in this video we will discuss the second question you should ask when choosing a Health Insurance policy In USA plan how much does the plan cost when calculating the cost of a plan it’s important to remember that there are two types of expenses associated with Health Insurance policy In USA the first is your monthly premium or the amount of money you pay upfront each month the second is out-of-pocket expenses which are the fees you pay when you receive medical care in general the higher the premium the lower your out-of-pocket expenses will be here’s how it works plans sold to individuals are divided into four tiers bronze silver gold and platinum bronze plans have the lowest premiums but only covers 60% of the average members total health care costs silver plans covers 70% gold plans 80% and Platinum plans covered 90% of healthcare costs while having the highest premiums of course choosing which tier insurance to buy depends on your specific needs if you have an expensive medical condition as is the case with most rare diseases the gold or platinum plans would probably suit you better as they would cover

Health Care Coverage and Personal Health Care Expenditures in the U.S.,  2011 | KFF

more of your costs out-of-pocket expenses also called cost sharing or out-of-pocket costs refer to the portion of your medical bills which you are responsible for paying when you receive health care every plan is different when it comes to your out-of-pocket expenses so be sure to compare the different plans on your state marketplace or ask your employer for a summary of benefits and coverage form out-of-pocket expenses can be paid in some combination of deductibles co-pays and coinsurance your deductible is the amount you must pay every year before your insurance company starts paying its share of the costs if your deductible is $2000 then you would pay cash for the first two thousand dollars in health care you receive each year after which the insurance company would start paying its share in every plan preventive services will be covered in full even if you haven’t used up doble for the year some plans will also pay a portion of your costs for a few other services usually doctor visits and prescription drugs even before your deductible has been met this is more common with gold and
platinum plans but some silver and bronze plans also cover some services before the deductible has been met the only way to figure out whether a plan covers some services not subject to the deductible is to study its provisions very carefully your copay is the fixed dollar amount you pay for certain types of care you might pay $30 for a doctor visit and the insurance company will pick up the rest plans with higher premiums generally have lower co-pays and vice versa some plans do not have co-pays at all and use other methods of cost-sharing coinsurance is the percentage of the cost of your medical care that you have to pay for an MRI that costs a thousand dollars you might pay twenty percent two hundred dollars your insurance company will pay the other 80 percent $800 plans with higher premiums generally pick up a larger portion of the bill on a final note every insurance plan has an out-of-pocket limit which is the most cost sharing you will ever have to pay in a year it is the total of your deductible co-pays and coinsurance but does not include your premiums once you hit this limit the insurance company will pick up 100% of your costs for the remainder of the year plans with higher premiums generally have lower out-of-pocket limits the specifics of what an individual Health Insurance policy in USA covers the cost of premiums the level of deductibles and the requirement for co-pays will all vary from policy to policy if your rare disease requires the care of specialized physicians and long-term therapy you really want to choose a plan that helps you to be well and have access to that care thank you for reading additional insurance.

I hope you have the idea of what is Health Insurance Policy in USA and what is Insurance Policy in USA.

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