10 Automotive brands and their bicycles


For some years now some car brands have given rise to some bicycle in their ranks. An example is Peugeot who in 1882 presented one of the grandparents of the modern bicycle, his Grand Bi model. Sometimes bicycles were manufactured as an option for the public, some others as a limited edition object for enthusiasts of a certain brand. Others have simply created a complement to that lifestyle that they intended to sell along with the car or if not only to present a concept at some industry fair.

In recent years more and more car manufacturers have accommodated this unique two-wheeled vehicle … Could it be that the big companies that for hundreds of years defended the car as a symbol of progress, finally recognize the bicycle as a progressive means of transport and which is also sustainable? Below I present 10 automotive brands and their models that I liked the most.

1. Ferrari Colnago Di2 Bicycle – Limited Edition

Source: Ferrari Store

2. Ford E-Bike

Source: Ford

3. BMW Cruise Bike

Source: BMW Bikes

4. VW Bike.e

5. Mini Cooper MDB 166

Source: Mini Cooper Bicycle

6. Maserati 8CFT

Source: Maserati Store

7. Range Rover Evoque

Source: Land Rover

8. Porshe RS

Source: Porshe Bike

9. S-Works + McLaren Venge

Source: Specialized

10. Toyota Prius

As you may realize, it is impossible to select an absolute winner. Some of the bicycles were designed for speed, some others for a comfortable ride and even some are electric. I think the important thing is that the bicycle is being present and car companies seek to offer this option to their customers. Perhaps many of these brands still do it as a plus to their vehicles, but in many other cases, it is already being handled as a complement to the means of transport they sell. It will be interesting to see the new trends and if it is possible that the bicycle can get that place so deserved that it is that of a sustainable means of transport and that it ceases to be just a toy as it is for many.

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