The 10 fastest cars in the world

The 10 fastest cars
The 10 fastest cars

Bugatti has done it again: his Chiron leads the fastest cars in the world.

It is common to hear a friend, neighbor, family member or even your brother-in-law talk about how much your car runs, but which are the fastest cars in the world? Here you have the ten fastest in the world in reverse order.

Zenvo ST1

ZENVO ST1 – 375 KM / H

It is a vehicle that builds a small Danish company in a completely handmade way, and it is such a dedication that they put into each creation that their price is over one million euros. It has an eight-cylinder V-engine of 6.8 liters and 1,104 hp, with a maximum torque of 1,430 Nm at 4,500 rpm. Or what is the same, it has a brutal power that is controlled with a 7-speed manual transmission from Formula 1. And all this so that the speedometer dials a maximum of 375 km / h.

McLaren F1

MCLAREN F1 – 386 KM / H

The first unit was manufactured in 1992 and in six years the production vehicles division of the Formula 1 team produced about 100 units. However, only 64 were from the street, the rest were for resistance and speed competitions in circuits, in addition to 5 specials that were called LM. The rear hood conceals a 12-cylinder atmospheric engine of BMW origin that delivers a total power of 635 hp and a torque of 649 Nm at 5,600 rpm for a total weight of 1,142 kg. Their starting price was over one million euros and they are very popular right now. In fact, McLaren said a few days ago that it will auction one of the few units it has, with some 4,500 km and is estimated to reach a price of around 9 million euros. Whoever is encouraged should be aware that he spends about 39 l / 100 km and that he needs a thorough review every 10,000 km valued at about 30,000 euros.

Koenigsegg CCX


A day came when a young 22-year-old Swede set out to produce a serial vehicle that was faster than the McLaren F1. He was called crazy, but he succeeded. The CCX was the third model launched by the Scandinavian company and already incorporated various adaptations to be marketed in any country in the world. Its engine is an aluminum V8 of 4,700 cm 3, 806 hp and a torque of 920 Nm at 5,500 rpm. This not only allows you to reach 100 km / h in 3.2 seconds but also puts you at 300 km / h from a standstill at 29.2.

Saleen S7 Twin


Back in the 90s, Saleen, a company that was dedicated to modifying and creating packages to improve the performance of vehicles in the market, seemed to create what should be the American supercar. The result was a spectacular car in size, performance, and profile (measuring only 1.04 meters high). It has a V8 Biturbo engine of 7,000 cm 3 and 750 hp, which leads to reaching 100 km / h in 2.8 seconds and a maximum recognized speed of 399 km / h.

SSC Ultimate Aero


Shelby SuperCars, also of American origin, proposed in the middle of the last decade to surpass in benefits not only the Saleen, which would give it the homeland throne of speed but also the Bugatti Veyron. And they got it, although for a short time. Even so, its creation does not detract from a bit of merit because it has a 12-cylinder Biturbo engine, 1,287 hp, a torque of 1,112 Nm and a weight/power ratio of 1.05 hp/kg. To get an idea of ​​its potential, it is able to reach 100 km / h from a standstill and slow down again to stop in just 11.66 seconds.

Koenigsegg Agera R


Manufactured between 2011 and 2014, only 18 units were produced. Actually it is a more sporty version of his Agera model. That one was already yielding 910 hp but the company management seemed little, so it raised the power to 1,115 hp and the torque to 1,200 Nm, something that is not bad if we consider that the weight of the vehicle assembly exceeded by little 1,300 kg. And even so, there were those who still fell short, so some coach raised the power to 1,400 hp. Beyond this stir of numbers, it will surprise you that it was conceived as an ecological model since it can work with biofuel, yes, with this the power is reduced to only 940 hp. Enough?

Bugatti Veyron Super Sport


It is the radical version of one of the supercars that made the most noise when they were launched. Not surprisingly, behind Bugatti is the Volkswagen Group and not a small company that builds a handful of cars a year. It is the evolution of Veyron, the model that returned to life to a brand that for many years had no activity. It maintains the same 16-cylinder engine in W and 1,001 hp of its predecessor. Its controlled top speed is 431 km / h although this record was involved in great controversy. The commercialized models are electronically limited to 415 km / h, while doing the test to get the Guinness prize for the records, these software limitations were eliminated so that the engine performed at its best. Once this alteration of the programming was detected, the record was removed, although at the same time it was returned indicating that the engine and the control unit are the same as in commercialized vehicles and that this limitation is based on safety issues.

Hennessey Venom GT


It is not a vehicle that starts from scratch as such, but is a Mecano of the best of each company. On the modified chassis of a Lotus Elise, from which the body also inherits, it mounts a seven-liter GM LS7 engine that comes from the Chevrolet Corvette Z06, although supercharged and modified to produce 1,451 hp with a torque of 1,287 Nm. Associated with a 6-speed transmission, the result is a vehicle of contained weight that reaches 100 km / h in just 2.4 seconds and 321 km / h in less than 13 seconds. It is sold in roadster and Cabrio version, being the fastest convertible in the world.

Koenigsegg One: 1


The Swedish firm has always wanted to beat itself, and incidentally to all those supercars that existed. His models reach the market as collector’s items. Of this One: 1 only six units were produced and when they began to be manufactured, they were already sold. It holds the record of being the fastest street vehicle on the Nordschleife circuit, also known as the “Green Hell”. It has a 1,360 hp engine for a weight of 1,360 kg, which means a power to weight ratio of 1 hp / 1 kg. Its chassis comes from Formula 1 while its design is based on single-seater cars of the highest category of Le Mans. It is the only model that we do not give the exact maximum speed since at the moment tires have been found to withstand the performance of the engine and the vehicle, so the power is limited, although in the power banks it is estimated that they would reach about 445 km / h.

Bugatti Chiron


The last to arrive on the list and that makes the other models shown here seem like a toy. It is the second design starting from scratch of the Volkswagen Group with the Bugatti badge, and what it has created is the delirium of any motor lover, speed, video games, with a bulky wallet and a long straight line in which to run. It has an image that recalls the Veyron, although its interior is totally new at the same time that it brings to the present signs of some mythical cars of the house of French origins, such as the ribbing in the rear moon itself of the Type 57 Atlantic. Looking at the mechanical part, we find an engine that exceeds 1,500 hp and offers 1,600 Nm of torque at only 2,000 rpm. Its top speed has been measured at 464 km /h, and that is electronically limited. Its main handicap not to be even grosser is in its weight, which stands at 1,995 kg. Its production is limited to 500 units and they have already been sold around half with a price that exceeds two million euros.

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