Parallel universes: the most desired car brands in the world

Toyota Commands

Toyota commands Internet searches in almost 60 countries, ahead of BMW and Mercedes-Benz; Lamborghini falls in love in the most unexpected places. year ago the company, specializing in the online sale of cars, published a survey in which it registered which were the cars of celebrities most desired by the Spaniards, and in those dreams appeared, among others, Aston Martin de James Bond and the Ferrari 250 GTO by Fernando Alonso. In a third parallel universe, very close to reality, Internet searches give another idea of ​​the aspirations of drivers: in that case, motorists (who mostly buy Seat and Volkswagen models) like to spend time thinking in driving precisely a car of the German brand.

This is included in the magazine Veygo Magazine, which analyzes the results of Google in the last 12 months to determine which are the manufacturers that most interest motorists around the world. The sample covers 42 brands and 171 countries since for the rest there is no search data or they are not significant enough. And, beyond that, some of the results are very striking.

Toyota dominates the map clearly as the most sought after brand on the planet (it is the first in 57 of the 171 countries analyzed), just ahead of BMW (25) and Mercedes-Benz (23). If the Japanese manufacturer does not miss excessively (its sales figures are very high in many countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America), in the case of premium  German brands it seems clear that these are more aspirational searches, because neither Manufacturers is a sales leader in no market in the world. And even more shocking the case of Lamborghini, which appears as the mark of dreams (if you can deduce that from Google searches) of the drivers of Bangladesh, Brunei, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Maldives, Mauritius, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Venezuela, Cambodia, and Saint Lucia.

Elsewhere, motorists bet on Tesla’s green and autonomous technology, which becomes the most sought-after manufacturer in seven countries: the Cayman Islands, China (where local giant Wuling dominates in sales), Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Norway, Singapore and Faroe Islands. The case of Norway is not an extravagance: according to the Norwegian Road Federation, 52% of the cars sold in 2017 in the Nordic country were electric or hybrid. And finally, also as a curiosity, drivers from five countries look at the local product above no other: France (Renault), Germany (Mercedes-Benz), India (Maruti Suzuki), Malaysia (Perodua) and Sweden ( Volvo).

Searches per month (average)

Toyota 7,829,500
Sling 7,052,050
Ford 6,420,410
Hyundai 6,361,160
BMW 6,269,280
Volkswagen 5,795,680
Mercedes Benz 5,078,799
Nissan 4,927,790
Audi 4,827,280
Renault 4,816,400
Tesla 4,406,570
Chevrolet 3,929,160
Peugeot 3,814,710
Kia 3,795,660
Fiat 3,400,580
Lamborghini 3,128,790
Mazda 3,088,690
Mitsubishi 3,026,910
Suzuki 2,840,550
Subaru 2,647,290
Porsche 2,583,240
Jeep 2,539,280
Skoda 2,534,070
Ferrari 2,430,970
Volvo 2,418,080
Opel 2,361,310
Citroen 2,352,930
Jaguar 2,202,190
Seat 2,000,010
Lexus 1,955,770
Dacia 1,804,490
Maserati 1,445,820
Land rover 1,402,590
Alfa Romeo 1,372,570
Bugatti 1,147,500
Aston Martin 1,105,440
Mini 1,070,190
Bentley 1,005,610
Chrysler 825,740
Acura 636,060
Maruti Suzuki 398,000
Tata Motors 209,810
Perodua 104,000
Pagani 18,560


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