Best brands and models of road bikes. Top 10 ranking.


In the cycling section, we missed a ranking of the best bicycle brands in the world. For this we have decided to divide the market into two: mountain and road bicycles. Today we are going to review the best road bicycles: which bicycle brand is better? and, above all, why we have considered its inclusion in the top 10 rankings of best road bikes. In this other article, we talk about the best MTB bikes. The ranking is focused exclusively on on-road cycling, also taking into account triathlon, and according to a personal assessment that integrates the value for money, market share, design, accessibility and development in R&D. Highlight that there is no commercial interest with any brand when making the ranking. To avoid mistakes in your purchase I recommend that you carefully read our post “ 9 mistakes you should avoid when buying a bicycle”

 1- Specialized

How could it otherwise top the list the prestigious American brand? The signature of the “s” is, unquestionably, and on its own merits, the best bicycle brand in the world. In his favor, he plays the undoubted quality of all his products and the enormous prestige he enjoys among the users of the cycling world. Those of Morgan Hill has been playing in another league for years and are references in absolutely every facet of the market. Bicycle frames, components, clothing, and accessories. It’s market share, especially in mid-high-end bicycles, is spectacular and its sales throughout the world attest to it.

The torn S mark remains the queen in all cycling sectors Other positive aspects for Specialized are the accessibility of its products, also having exclusive stores of its own brand. Specialized is visible all over the world, offering technical service and a permanent stock of spare parts more than insured. That nobody has the slightest doubt that buying Specialized is buying quality. In addition, the image of the “s” torn stands out among the best athletes in each specialty (Gomez Noya, Peter Sagan or Jaroslav Kulhavy are some of their best ambassadors ). The brand also does not neglect the female sector offering a wide variety of exclusive products for women. As negative aspects, its high price and perhaps its excessive exclusivity stand out, an element that can play against other users. Their own high-end families (s-works and roval) are an extra seal of quality but at the same time exclude tighter budgets. Among its most prominent road models: the Specialized Tarmac, Venge or Allez, and for the practice of triathlon the Specialized Shiv. On its website, you can know all its products.


The Swiss brand continues to grow and seems willing to follow the path of Specialized by expanding its product portfolio to virtually the entire cycling sector. Scott already factory today, in addition to bicycles, helmets, shoes, glasses, and clothing among other accessories, thus achieving loyalty for much of its customers.

The spectacular design is another strong point of the brand, especially on the road, where the finishes of some models are really good and in which you can glimpse a thorough aerodynamic study. The geometry of a large part of his paintings (for example, that of Scott Foil) is much more aggressive than that of other brands, giving a “racing” touch that is highly valued by users. In that same sense, the constant renewal of the brand stands out, updating its models every year to the needs of the consumer, something that allows it to have an excellent market share especially in Europe. Scott is a renovation, research, and development, and a good example of this are his road bikes with disc brakes, which are among the best in the market for value for money.

His image in professional cycling is also very good, sponsoring among others the MTB world champion, Nino Schurter, or the professional cycling team Orica-Scott. Its distribution capacity to reach different points is really good and its amplitude in the number of assemblies for each model is higher than that of other brands. On the negative side, perhaps the still dubious quality of its own Syncross component line or the reduced media capacity compared to other direct competitors. A good example of this is the followers in social networks, where Scott barely has a sixth of those who have Specialized or a third of what Trek can have. The potential growth of the brand seems to be assured, showing a good ability to correct these errors. The #noshortcuts campaign appears precisely with that will. The best models of Scott bicycles are: Scott Foil, Scott Addict or the spectacular Scott plasma for the triathlon.


In third position we find the American giant Trek, a benchmark worldwide sales with many years in the wake of Specialized. Trek is one of the best brands in the market, and despite its media downturn with the controversy of Lance Armstrong, it has always been one of the most popular among cycling fans. This allows you to sell a large number of bicycles from all types to everyone, enjoying an excellent presence in the American market. Precisely in order to correct that bad image that Lance Armstrong left them, they decided to create their own professional cycling team (Trek Segafredo) and change, together with the figure of Alberto Contador, their brand image. After his retirement, he could be one of his brand ambassadors worldwide.

Their prices are quite competitive considering the quality that their products treasure and the exquisite treatment with the customer is another highlight. Trek, in addition, is one of the brands that invest more money every year in research and development. On a particular level, I would highlight two aspects of the brand. On the one hand, they were pioneers creating their own brand of components (Bontrager), an initiative that many other brands have followed, and on the other hand their “Project one” project that allows the user to fully customize their bike, both at the level of components and colors. The “Project one” system is only available for mid-high-end bicycles and offers the possibility of creating our own models with the online application. At the level of improvement, we will surely have the breadth of its catalog that neglects quite the average product line, especially on the road. The most prominent Trek road models are the Trek Emonda, Madone and Domane. Making with them a fairly commercial letter game.


In the fourth position, we have the largest manufacturer of bicycles in the world (also manufactured for third parties). The Taiwan-based company is a benchmark in terms of comfort. Their bicycles are tremendously comfortable and although their designs and geometries have not been, so far, too aggressive, they still like a more classic audience. Giant has been a pioneer in the cycling world, for example inventing the first road bike with low sloping.  The valuation of those who have had a Giant is generally very good.

Sunweb has reaped in 2017 its first major international success by Tom Dumoulin at the Giro d’Italia The prices of Giant are also competitive, its permanent stock means that the client does not have, in general, to wait long to receive his bicycle and his distribution system worldwide enjoys excellent quality. The brand has production centers in the Netherlands, China, and Taiwan. Highlight above all its great commitment to women’s cycling, with its own brand of cycling for women, the LIV bike. Giant aware of the enormous potential of women in the sector decided to invest in an exclusive project for women, taking into account all its particularities when making all models of both bicycle, components or clothing.

We will see if in the coming year’s other brands also decide to take a step forward in this regard. Against the band plays its low media impact, perhaps due to the lack of a reference at the level of visible image and the lack of aggressive models in both geometry and colors. Another aspect to improve is the lack of a reference model in the market, although its Propel Advanced is the best known. On its website, you have all its models.


The fifth position is occupied by a “rare avis” of the sector. The canyon is the only bicycle brand that only sells online and does not offer its bicycles in a physical store. Despite having, a priori, with this “handicap” the brand is known by virtually all road cyclists and the huge quality of its products enjoys a very good consideration among fans and professionals in the sector.

Canyon in recent years has a lot of merits and has made its bicycles a benchmark in the market, especially at the price-quality level. The German company surely presents the most competitive prices in the market, without losing its good reputation at any time. In recent times, it has also expanded its product catalog quite a bit and is also a reference in the world of triathlon by Jan Frodeno. The aerodynamics of his paintings is increasingly worked and his assemblies are always the most spectacular. Precisely, Canyon is one of the brands with a clearer and firmer commitment to disc brakes on road bikes. On the negative side, we have a dubious after-sales system and the inability to physically see the bicycles before buying them (limitation of the sales channel). In this sense, there are many people who will never buy a bicycle without having a previous visual reference. The breadth of the catalog is also quite small. The reference models Canyon are the Aeroad Canyon, Ultimate and Endurance


Sixth position for a classic like Cannondale who has in his strengths the comfort and quality of the materials of his paintings. In addition, its good after-sales guarantee system is also another important factor of the American corporation. Cannondale adapts quite well to all audiences by offering quality products both for those who focus their interests on the competition and those who do it for cycling. In this line stands out its range of Synapse and Caad products that have interesting prices.

Cannondale Synapse: one of the most comfortable bicycles in the entire cycling market. Cannondale is an excellent brand for those looking for a good aluminum bike or those looking for a comfortable bike for long trips. Its hybrid Slate model or the Lefty forks were once an innovation in the market. The good absorption of vibrations in all its models is another example of the good research that the brand has behind. The models are tremendously rigid and comfortable.

As negative aspects of the brand, we find a limited catalog, with a little color and with mounting limitations. In fact, in some of its models it does not allow to choose development or components, thus reducing, and much, the interest of some potential consumers. The geometry of his paintings is still very classic. Aesthetic renewal is something that should start to worry about the brand. The brand also has significant stock limitations and the wait for the customer can sometimes be too long. Cannondale can be a good brand for those who are clear about what they are looking for, but not for those who want to choose between a beautiful and varied range of possibilities, it is a somewhat outdated brand in terms of product customization. The reference models of Cannondale, are the Supersix EVO, La Card 12 and the Synapse.


First and only Spanish brand on the list. Orbea has undergone major changes in recent years that have led to many positions in the ranking and the truth is that we predict a great future for the Biscay brand.

The Spanish brand has undergone significant changes in recent years. Especially in their designs. The approach to mid-high-end bicycles has been a success, and despite retaining its most basic bicycles, Orbea is already becoming a benchmark in quality. The growth is such that the brand already has its own brand of clothing and components (Orca), demonstrating a clear intention to grow in every way. He also wants to follow the path initiated by Specialized by opening exclusive stores of the brand in which you can enter the entire Orbea universe. At the level of brand visibility, we continue working on important events (Orbea Monegros) and on the sponsorship of brokers or media characters (Ibon Zugasti, Aleix Espargaro for example), which always allow giving a fun touch to the brand image. Like Trek, it has its own customization platform (MyO).

Where you can create your own designs and ride the bike to your liking. This possibility is only available, at the moment, in the Orbea Orca. On a negative level we find a fairly limited catalog, especially in the case of women, and its sales volume, especially in the American and Asian continent, is still quite small. We will see if, over time, Orbea manages to scale up positions worldwide. Among his role models are the Orbea Orca, Orbea Avant or the Ordu, the latter being one of the most attractive triathlon bikes. Do not miss our complete buying guide – In search of the perfect bike.


Eighth position for a brand with a relatively short history but one of its great virtues in its research and development department. Studies done in its Impec laboratory located in Switzerland are already starting to give results.

The Swiss bicycle brand has a short but interesting history. The Swiss brand, how could it be otherwise, thoroughly studies every detail of all its bicycles in order to satisfy its consumer as much as possible. This is clearly visible in all his paintings, both in the designs and in the materials, his leap of quality in the last 5 years being truly impressive. Its avant-garde products have an elegant design fully adapted to the present and to the expectations generated by current cyclists. Although its catalog is still somewhat small and the brand still does not have distributors worldwide, the consumer already has the possibility to test, before buying, bicycles, something that does not happen with other brands. On the negative level, in addition to its product limitations, it would highlight its somewhat high price compared to bicycles of the same category. Its media impact is increasing but it is still small comparatively speaking. BMC is a clear favorite to climb positions in the ranking in the coming years. Well done work always ends up paying off. Its most important models are the SLR 01, 02, 03 or the Time Machine in triathlon.


The winning brand of 5 of the last 6 tours of France. Pinarello, the brand of the powerful Sky team, had to be on the list, and although it is a brand that focuses virtually all its efforts on road bikes, it cannot be belittled at all.

La Pinarello dogma the best weapon of Chris Froome. The quality and safety transmitted to you by buying a Pinarello are hardly comparable, an ideal bet for those more classic cyclists. Pinarello is quality, safety, and comfort under the seal of being the bicycle brand that has led the Sky team to reap its best successes. In addition, Pinarello moves in exclusivity and glamor something that in the world of cycling lately is especially sought. As negative points, we find the poor quality of its mid-low range bicycles or the high price of high-end bicycles. At the web platform level, the brand also leaves a lot to be desired, at least in Spain. Its most prominent models are the Pinarello Dogma F10 or the dogma F8.


Difficult to opt for the last brand but I have decided to close the ranking with Bianchi. A history of cycling that always transmits on its heavenly bicycles an enormous nostalgia.

It is the oldest bicycle brand in the world (currently in operation) and will always be remembered as the legendary Marco Pantani. In fact, the brand itself has released a model in memory of the late Italian cyclist. Bianchi becomes quality and Italian style, being for some years one of the most selective brands in the market. Bianchi works perfectly the traditional concept of cycling and continues to offer the possibility of buying some models with a totally vintage design. On the negative side, we find the high price, the reduced distribution network or the little renewal of its models.

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